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Cosmetic Dentistry

A dentist can carry out numerous procedures in a bid to help you improve your smile, whichever problem you have may it be stained teeth,
broken tooth or even jagged teeth a cosmetic dentistry got you covered. Examples of cosmetic dentists are veneer dentists and tool implant dentists.

Tool implant dentist

A tool implant is a surgical fixture that is replaced into the jawbone and let to merge with the bone over a period of time. These
implants mimic the functions of the root of the missing tooth. Osseointegration which is the fusion between the dental implant and jawbone occurs after a few months.

Who needs a dental implant?

These implants can serve as a replacement of single tooth; there are two types of tool implants Endosteal which is the implants in the bone and Sub periosteal refers to implants that rest on upper part of the jawbone under the gums. Tool implant dentist checks the patient’s dental formula and places a judgment whether they are suitable for dental implants. The possibility of one having a tool implant greatly depends on the location of
the missing tooth or teeth, the general health of the patient, the patient’s preference and also the total cost of the procedure. The advantages of having a tool implant is that the implants can be replaced on the missing tooth without necessarily altering the position of the adjacent tooth.

Veneer Dentist

Dental veneers or sometimes called laminates are custom-made shells of tooth-colored materials made about covering the front surface of the
teeth. Getting dental veneers may require one to go through various procedures such as diagnosis, preparation, and bonding. All these procedures are
thoroughly carried out to ensure that you have a successful procedure. The advantages of the proclaimed laminates are that they provide natural tooth
appearance. Bearing in mind that gum tissue accommodates porcelain well; the veneers remain stain- resistant. Although veneers can last up to 12 years getting the procedure done can be a tough decision to make because once the procedure is done, it remains  irreversible especially the
colored veneers. This process is quite expensive, and still, the veneers might not be as durable as one may think as the tooth is quite vulnerable to decay and even veneers shedding.

Cosmetic surgery cost

Getting a cosmetic surgery done is a bold step; Fees of any cosmetic procedures are usually paid before surgery. Extra fees such as consultation and drug expenses might or not be included in the procedure. Having an insurance that covers the elective surgery bit might be a good thing when it comes to cosmetic surgery procedures. Choosing a dentist because of their lower fee can sometimes lead to consequences, it is wise enough for one
to compare available pricing and settle for a dentist with broad experience and whose work has been reviewed severally. Having a certified dentist carry out the procedure is one way of determining the outcome, only check for the dentist legitimacy at the dentist’s certification boards on the website or just visits their officers to determine the competence of your cosmetic dentist.

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