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Oral Health Tips for Children

Oral Health Tips for Kids

It is very essential to adopt good oral hygiene at an early age to avoid the early appearance of formidable cavities. Taking proper care of oral health not only helps to avoid bad breath but it also helps to build up a positive self image of an individual. If you don’t know the best ways to take care of the oral health of your 0-9 year old kids or even older, then here we have brought 5 simple oral health tips to take care of your children’s teeth.

1. Don’t ever neglect the milk teeth

Did you know that brushing teeth should begin as soon as the first teeth appear, or even before? Before teeth appear, it is advisable to regularly massage your baby’s gums and clean their mouth with a wet compress to remove bacteria. This is one of the most effective teeth clean methods which should be adopted as early as possible.

Indeed, the milk teeth must be properly maintained, even if they are not “definitive” and are destined to fall.

These teeth prepare the location of the future definitive teeth. If they are attacked by cavities, this can damage the teeth underneath.

2. Limit intake of sugar, especially between meals

To prevent dental cavities in children, it is advisable to limit sweets and sugary drinks, especially between meals.

Nibbling has the disadvantage of limiting the protective effect of saliva and of increasing the acidity produced by the bacteria which is present in sweet products. This is also a good teeth whitening technique. Limiting the intake of sugar in your child’s body will even help them to have healthy white teeth.

In summary:

· Avoid soaking baby’s pacifier in honey or sugar

· Avoid sugary food and drinks in the evening before they go to sleep (in addition to their high sugar content, these drinks have an acidity that can harm their teeth enamel even when they are light drinks!)

· Allow sweets in small quantities, preferably at the end of the meal and before tooth brushing.

3. Make brushing a fun time

Tooth brushing is a ritual to be established every night for your youngest ones (as soon as their teeth appear) and for the children above 4 years of age brushing should be done in the morning and evening.

To help them adopt good habits for the rest of their lives, transform teeth washing into a fun time to share with your family.

So that brushing time becomes more fun, do not hesitate to buy the right material, even if it sounds like a somewhat expensive gadget, for example:

· An electric toothbrush especially for your child.

· A brush with soft bristles that does not hurt with a small head adapted to the mouth of children.

4.  Do not avoid prevention visits

Do not wait until your child has a decay to take him to the dentist! On the contrary, take the little ones to the children dentist at the same time as you and take advantage of the free preventive consultations set up by the Health Insurance for children and adolescents from 6 to 18 years old.

All you have to do is make an appointment at the contracted dentist of your choice to get a preventive exam with nothing to pay.

5. Teach them the right things

It is between 4 to 6 years that the child can begin to brush his teeth alone, morning and evening.

From the age of 9 years instill in him the basics of an effective brushing, namely:

· Brushing the upper and lower jaw independently.

· Use the roller motion from the bottom up, including the gum.

· Tilt the brush at 45 degrees to the base of the tooth to avoid irritating the gums by brushing.

These were the 5 oral health tips that can be beneficial to children’s.

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