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When Do Babies Start Teething?

If you have a baby and have been wondering when do babies start teething, there are some facts and tips that you should know about. For each baby, there are twenty baby teeth that are hiding under the gum’s when the baby is very little. When the baby is between four to seven months old, these baby teeth begin to emerge and will make the baby quite uncomfortable. Professionals who are in the pediatrics field have actually stated that the very first tooth will more than likely emerge when the baby is about six months old. Teething can be a rather rough time for both you and your child since it is a rather uncomfortable experience for the baby.

And while there isn’t much debate on when do babies start teething, there are many people who are unsure of another thing. Many parents and health care professionals have actually seen an increase in temperature of the body in a baby who is actually teething. Some people have not seen an increase in their baby’s temperature while others have. This means that there may be a chance that your baby could show signs of increased body temperature. This is not really something to be overly alarmed about, however, you’ll want to keep an eye to make sure it doesn’t increase too much.

Teething babies will try to chew on anything to relieve pressure on their gum’s. In other terms, it is instinctual for a baby to chew on a soft object in order to encourage the tooth to push through. The baby may chew and suck on their own hands while some will use teething rings that their parents have given to them. So if you wanted to know when do babies start teething, there is a set age range for it.


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